Handicap Fundamentals

A Players’ Responsibility


  1. The basic premise of the USGA Handicap System is that you will play by the Rules of Golf and you will try to play your best each time you play golf.
  2. Your Handicap is a number that reflects your current potential scoring ability.  It is not what you should score on average.  It is determined by using 96% of the BEST 10 of your last 20 rounds.  You should expect to average about three shots higher than your handicap, beat your handicap about 20% of the time and beat it by three strokes one out of every 20 rounds.
  3. Posting your score each time you play is essential to the system.  Any course with a slope and rating MUST be entered into GHIN.  This includes your vacation scores and any local away scores.  If you are a member of another course your GHIN can be linked to both courses so you only have to enter your score once.  If not, you must enter scores from both courses to GHIN and whatever handicap system your other club uses.  This will reflect in reality your last 20 rounds and produce an accurate handicap.  Posting is not an option.  It is a requirement of having a USGA Handicap.
  4. You should be award of the Revision dates of the 1st and 15th and post immediately when you play just prior, thereby avoiding the impression of manipulating your handicap by delaying posting.
  5. Your handicap card is your “calling card” reflecting your ability and allows the tournament committee to place you in the correct flight for fair competition.