Match Play Rules and Tournament Format


  • Team consists of one couple.
  • A maximum of 39 handicap will be allowed.
  • The number of strokes for each player is determined by the player with the lowest handicap.  Subtract the lowest handicap for each of the other three players' handicap.  The remainder is the handicap for each player.

         Example:      Player A is a 10-plays to 0
                             Player B is a 25-plays to 15
                             Player C is a 13-plays to 3
                             Player D is a 36-plays to 26
After Course Handicaps are determined an adjustment is made for players playing from different tees.  The players playing the tees with the higher rating (Silver) will receive strokes based on the difference.  Seminole-Choctaw 1 stroke, Choctaw-Cherokee 2 strokes and Cherokee-Seminole 1 stroke.  The Pro Shop should make this adjustment, so please check your scorecard.

  • Women will play from the Silver tees.  Men will play from the White tees.
  • Traditional 4-ball match play, the best net ball wins the hole.  Matches tied after 18 holes should proceed to sudden death extra holes starting with the original Tee Box, until winner is decided.  If agreed upon, a second 18-hole match can be played to settle the tie.
  • Handicaps in Match play – It is your responsibility to know your handicap  on that day, and at the start of a match play match
    • If you understate your handicap and then find out you were one or more strokes higher when you get in – too bad, you played at the lower number
    • If you overstated your handicap and it is determined that you should have actually been one or more strokes lower – then you forfeit.
  • Match play rules apply.  Check your rules book for differences between match play and medal play.
  • Please play your match by the designated date.

         Round 1 by June 9
         Round 2 by July 14
         Round 3 by Aug 11
         Semi Final by September 11
         Final Round by October 13

  • Matchs that are not played by the deadline will be decided by a flip of the coin.  The tournament chair will flip the coin.
  • Couples playing their match at the same time as a Couples Tournament, may play their match, but will not be included in that days tournament.
  • Once you have completed your match, turn in your scorecard to the Pro Shop and the winner should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the results and contact their next opponent.  You don’t have to wait for the next round to schedule your next match.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


Post your score for all matches. These scores SHALL BE POSTED AS REGULAR SCORES. The SEMI FINALS and FINALS shall be posted as TOURNAMENT (T) SCORES
 If you pick up and concede the hole, record the most likely score you would have made not to exceed your ESC (table below). If a match ends prior to 18 holes and the remaining holes are not played, scores for the unfinished holes should be entered by comparing a player's handicap to the hole handicap, e.g., if a player's handicap is equal to or higher than the hole handicap one (or more) strokes are added to par and recorded for that hole. If the remaining holes are played record the LOWER of either the actual score or the handicap adjusted score as described above.




      Double Bogey